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Fanti Vignaiolo

Foundation:  1950                                                                                                   
Vines Surface: 4 ha
Production: 17.000 year
Pinciple wines: Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT - Nosiola - Manzoni Bianco
Grapes: 100% property
Philosophy: Organic -  bio Certification
Address: Piazza G.N. della Croce, Loc. Pressano - Lavis 38015 (TN)
Region:  Trentino
Owner: Alessandro Fanti

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Since the late eighteenth century, the original group of the Fanti family was established within the Pressano hill. Fanti's family already sensed the potential of the wine-growing area; said hill, situated on the left bank of the Adige River north of Trento, has historically appreciated for the quality of the soil, the altitude (300-500 meters above sea level) and the exposure and microclimate. The art of making wine begins to be passed down from father to son. In the fifties Giuseppe Fanti has the bright idea of further enhancing the Nosiola grapes, which was disappearing, and in 1972 made its first bottling; since 1991, and currently, the wine and the care of the vines are entrusted to Alessandro Fanti, winemaker and son of Giuseppe.
The ability to manage all operations from the vineyard to the cellar, allow to merge the oenological knowledge with tradition and create wines, where only the tasting demonstrates the character and elegance. Choice for even the small measures are deemed essential to achieve the improvement of the product. Without prejudice as a primary condition the low production per hectar. there has been in recent years a huge work of renewal of vineyards. Where the variety allowed it, they replaced the Trentino pergola with forms of vertical wall rearing (Guyot), so as to achieve a higher density of plants per hectare. All screws, and still more those trained by the pergola, are thinned out more or less intensely of their clusters, so as to increase the concentration of the juice and flavorings. But the limitation of production per unit area is worth little if they fail all agronomic interventions to ensure and optimize the efficiency of the vineyard. Pruning; repeated stripping to better expose the grapes to light; irrigation and fertilization is not generalized but targeted or directed only to the actual needy plants. The vineyard management is oriented to the maximum respect for the environment. We do not use herbicides, mowing is mechanical and manual on the row between the strains; where possible the land is worked on files; control of insects and fungal pests is done with ecological systems, or with low or no environmental impact. The company has adequate equipment for the management of the vineyard, the grape harvest and wine making.
In the cellar operations are carried out with a pneumatic press in stainless steel for the mashing and maceration of white varieties, the wine is matured in stainless steel tanks and oak barrels Allier 225 lt and 750 lt of Slavonian oak. It is provided with a machine for the use of inert gases in order to reduce the use of sulfur and respect the aromatic range. The packaging line allows visual inspection of each bottle before being closed in packs six horizontal places.


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