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Anno di fondazione: 1820  
Ettari coltivati a vite: 22
Produzione Bottiglie Anno: -
In Vigna: Agricoltura Biologica Certificata
Vini principali: ZGP Brda, DOC Collio
Uve: 100% di proprietà
Indirizzo: Ceglo 18, 5212 Dobrovo v Brdih
Regione: Brda (Slovenia - Collio Sloveno)

The winery

Nevertheless, they did not forget Nature's bequest: be genuine, respect Mother Earth and do not stand in its way. That is why Movia is more than merely a brand. It is nature's agent in your wine glass, in you.

The Movia estate has existed since 1700 and has been in the hands of the Kristančič family since 1820 following a wedding. The estate covers 18 hectares of land, half of which lie on the Italian side of the Collio.

After World War II the vineyards remained in the family's hands, allowing the continuation of this tradition in the Brda. Our wine's quality allowed the Kristančič family to become exclusive suppliers of wine for state protocol events in the former SFR Yugoslavia in 1958. In keeping with the family's decades of winemaking endeavor, Aleš honed his skills in Bordeaux and in Burgundy, returning back home with the idea of a completely different concept of wine production, enriched with new knowledge of modern winemaking and marketing concepts. It was on the basis of these new ideas that the historical breakthrough of Slovenian wines began.

Movia is more than a mere wine brand and the name of an estate on the borderland between Slovenia (ZGP Brda) and Italy (DOC Collio). Movia is a way of life, life in all its glory, purity of nature and sincerity of the author. Movia is a label beyond time, a mark of standards surpassed as sought by so many wine connoisseurs around the world. From gentle and light classics, through a range of mature wines with good ageing potential, to one-offs second to none other in the world. That and very much more is what Movia is about. And when you alight from the cellar and taste the wines with Aleš, you will taste magic!

Movia is a family estate with its main house in Ceglo, covering 22 hectares of vineyards including many of the best parcels in the borderland between Slovenia (ZGP Brda) and Italy (DOC Collio). On the world market today, Movia is a synonym for wines with impressive character and extraordinary elegance. They offer a glimpse into the noblest of viticultural traditions, often crossing the line of generally accepted and applicable oenological practices. The first step in getting to know MOVIA wines is the Vila Marija label, offering young and fresh wines from younger vineyards. The next step are wines from select parcels (Turno, Gredič), an introduction to the estate's flagship, black label MOVIA wines. These wines were given time to reach full maturity in their home cellar and are only released onto the market several years following their vintage. The range is complemented by Puro sparkling wines, pushing the envelope in the preparation of sparkling wines. Succinctly put, we revived pre-classical vinification procedures that did not revert to sugar for refermentation in the bottle and left the satisfaction of degorging the wine, usually experienced only by cellar masters, to the consumer. Ancient procedures and new perspectives on wine are even more pronounced with Lunar which, like the Puro, is a wine without any added sulphites.

Movia wines are produced with the highest measure of respect towards nature, no fining, no filtration.


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