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Az. Agr. Costa Archi

Foundation year: early '60s
Vineyards:13 ha 
Principal Wines:  Ravenna IGT -  Romagna DOC  
Grapes:partly owned and partly rented
AddressVia Rinfosco 1690 – 48014 – Castel Bolognese (RA) – Loc. Serra
Region: Emilia Romagna
Owner: Gabriele Succi

The winery

The history of the company began in the early 1960s when grandfather Gian Battista Costa decided to plant the vines on his grandmother's land, Gabriella Archi, focusing on the former vine variety of Romagna: the Albana and fought for the recognition of the then DOC "Albana di Romagna".

Following the various successions, a small part of the initial nucleus of the company remained with the mother of the current owner, who continued to cultivate the vines using the old laborers, giving the grapes to the cooperative or selling them to other private wineries.

Meanwhile, in 1994, Gabriele graduated in agricultural sciences at the University of Bologna with a thesis on a grapevine disease; finished his military service in 1995, he immediately started to take care of his mother's business, setting up new vineyards and buying new agricultural machines. In contrast (at the time, everyone focused on white grapes) decided to focus on red grapes and in particular on Sangiovese, of which today there are as many as 9 clones that are used differently according to the destination of the wine. Currently, in addition to Sangiovese, the most important grape varieties destined for production are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Ancellotta, Albana and Bianchino Faentino (Montù).

After carrying out various micro-vinification tests on his own to select the best vineyards, he began to vinify and market part of his product from the 2004 harvest.

Not having large financial resources to buy all the material necessary for a modern wine making, and not having large spaces (the original cellar is the former stable inside the house), he decided to do everything in a traditional way, then vinification. in red in small containers of 7 / 7.5 hl., manual punching down to keep the marc in contact with the must and long macerations and only decanting (a light filtration is performed only in pre-bottling), all without use of controlled temperature. The selected yeasts are used only in cases of extreme need, when the vintage brings the grapes to very high sugar concentrations.

To date, the company covers two buildings with a total of 13 hectares fully invested in vineyards: the "Il Beneficio" farm and the "Monte Brullo" farm (the latter for rent), both at the Serra di Castel Bolognese , where the soils are characterized by evolved red clays or other more yellow clays rich in calcareous deposits (the so-called "cat brains"). All the grapes used for winemaking are harvested by hand, the entire company is cultivated with respect for nature following the integrated control regulations.


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