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Foundation: 1970
Vines Surface: -
Production: -
Pinciple wines: Champagne AOC
Grapes: 100% property
Philosophy: Biodynamic
Address: La Bergerie, 10360 Essoyes (Francia)
Region: Champagne
Owner: Benedicte Leroy

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Gerard Ruppert and his daughter Benedicte Leroy lead the Maison in the Aube region, considered the Champagne border, the place where a new generation of winemakers is pursuing unique visions of how to express their Terroir, without constraints of conventional wisdom. Their Champagne is the result of a special Terroir (gypsum-rich soils) cultivated respecting the environment and with the courage to experiment. The Ruppert-Leroy company is located in the south-eastern boundary of the designation, outside the small village of Essoyes, just five kilometers from the border with Côte d'Or; the sites are very different from Reims and large Maison. The origins go back to 1970 with Gerard Ruppert, armed with a doctorate in philosophy. Ruppert started with half an hectare of vineyard cultivated in Organic near Essoyes, in a time when much of the Champagne vineyard land was heavily treated with chemicals. Gerard sold his grapes to the local cooperative, and when he approached retirement has given the opportunity to make wine to his daughter Benedicte Leroy , who converted the vineyards to biodynamic agriculture. In the vineyard so she minimized the use of sulfur and winery have realized a brick structure with a wooden roof and straw so that the wine can breathe as much as possible during aging. she also decided to use of a very light tractor for the transport of the grapes in the cellar, to ensure a soil completely intact.


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