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Terre Bianche

Foundation: 1870
Vines Surface: 8
Production: 60.000 year
Pinciple wines: Rossese di Dolceacqua DOC - Riviera Ligure di Ponente DOC
Grapes: 100% property
Philosophy: Organic
Address: Località Arcagna , 18135 Dolceacqua (Imperia)
Region: Liguria
Owner: Filippo Rondelli

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The business was founded in 1870 when Tommaso Rondelli decided to plant the first Rossese vineyards of Dolceacqua in a region from the white earth, called Terre Bianche. In the 80s and 90s the brothers Claudio and Paolo Rondelli assisted by Franco Laconi have expanded the company with a significant production increase both quantity and quality, as well as with the opening of the farm. From the late nineties Filippo Rondelli has replaced the father Claudio alongside Paolo and Franco in managing the company. I had the pleasure to meet Filippo on a couple of occasions and with him to visit the farm and all the vineyards owned by the concept he expressed to me about the Terroir part from heaven or better radiation from the sun and the vineyard. Filippo explained to me how the territory of Rossese Dolceacqua enjoy optimal periods of solar lighting with ideal temperature range during the period before the harvest; He also explained that the area is believed to be unique in the Mediterranean to have such minimal distance between the sea and a mountain range of great importance as the Alps. In this band live together different climates and distinct from each other, going from the warm Mediterranean climate and solar coast to the sub Alpine; the vineyards of Terre Bianche are placed in the middle band with continental climate.
The vineyards in fact. The Company owns vineyards Terre Bianche value and perfectly suited to growing grapes: the Vineyard Scartozzoni place to 300-350 meters above sea level consists of red clay soil with good skeleton and very draining, the Vineyard Terre Bianche consists in blue clay and place at 360-380 meters above sea level and the most important Vineyard Arcagna composed of Flysch of Ventimiglia. The cultivated varieties are typical Ligurian: Rossese, Pigato and Vermentino with one small exception for the Cabernet Sauvignon, used to make the Arcana Rosso. In the vineyard is farmed organically without feeling the need to submit it for certification. Vinification are traditional with the use of selected yeasts only in particularly difficult years; white and red based wines  refine in steel while the Bricco Arcagna and Arcana Rosso refine in small barrels.

  Arcagna vineyard and in the background the Ligurian Sea


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