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Foradori Elisabetta

Fonudation: 1901
Vines Surface: 23 ha
Production: 150.000 year
Pinciple wines: Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT 
Grapes: Vigneti di proprietà
Philosophy: Biodynamic
Address:  via Damiano Chiesa 1, Mezzolombardo (TN)
Region: Trentino
Owner: Elisabetta Foradori

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The farm is set in 1901 and Foradori family has led it since 1929; the current owner as well as soul of the company is Elisabetta Foradori since 1984 - the year of her first harvest - has started its journey that led to the conversion of all to biodynamic vineyards in 2002. After years of preparations using the biodynamic ' company has acquired the knowledge and awareness of natural cycles that have been perfected over many years of learning: each season brings something new, every day teaches and makes it clear. The vineyards cover 26 hectares of vineyards are mainly planted with Teroldego grapes (80%) in the alluvial soils of the Rotaliano Course (click here for more information), to Nosiola (5%) and Manzoni Bianco (15%) on clay limestone hills  in Cognola. When a healthy viticulture allows the plant to express itself in its entirety, the result will be the expression of authenticity. Elizabetta explains that: "The quality of the wine that is produced is manifested in the viability of the product. The preservation of living forces of the native fruit during the passage of processing grapes - wine, returns to the wine and the drinker's perception of his place source, is in tune with the food, raises a digestible drink that gives sense of well being. " Consequently in the cellar is not given any corrective action, nothing is added but everything is accompanied.


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