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Jacky Charpentier

Foundation: 1950   
Vines Surface: 17 ha
Production: 170.000 year
Pinciple wines: Champagne AOC
Grapes: 100% property
Philosophy: Maximum respect of the Nature
Address: 88 rue de Reuil51700 Villers sous Châtillon  (Francia) 
Region: Champagne

The winery

In the Vallée de la Marne, Jacky Charpentier it is recognized as a cornerstone in the production of Champagne with Pinot Meunier grapes. The Family Charpentier has cultivated grapes for five generations: since 1920, they sold the grapes to NÉGOCE. Finally in the 60s Jacky Charpentier decided to undertake the Récoltant Manipulant activities, making famous the company is currently run by his son Jean-Marc. The park vineyards located in the heart of the Vallée de la Marne, 12 km west from Eperney: 38 parcels are scattered throughout the towns of Villers sous Châtillon, Reuil, Binson-Orquigny, Châtillon sur MarneMareuil le port, Verneuil, Mont saint Père, Neuville sur Seine et Le Breuil. The cultivated varieties are the top three of the Champagne Region: Pinot Meunier (9.5Ha), Pinot Noir (4.25Ha) and Chardonnay (3.25Ha). In the vineyard applies the utmost respect for the environment: they use only organic fertilizers and the turf is maintained permanently, the soil is maintained only by plowing. The harvest is done manually with ripe and healthy grapes, once collected are placed in baskets and then emptied into holding tanks; once filled the boxes weigh about 50 kg and are sent to the press. Cellar vinification are carried out, according to the Cuvée, with alcoholic fermentation carried out in a period of about three weeks in steel or wood; the various plot are kept separate during these phases. The malolactic fermentation is always carried out. They conclude the tasting operations of the various lots and the assemblage choice, then next step is bottling which is usually done the spring following the harvest. Depending on the type, they establish operations Tirage en boutteille. From now on, the wines undergo a second fermentation in the bottle followed by aging on the lees, then they see the succession of Pointage and Remuage awaiting Degourgement. Champagnes products are poorly measured, the production enjoys an exemplary regularity and is a perfect example of a tradition that is handed down from father to son.


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