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The philosophy of the Morgante family has always been to pursue excellence. The company offers products of the highest quality, the result of passion and careful dedication, which make the Morgante brand a synonym of quality and refined elegance.

The winery

Morgante is today a splendid reality made of hard work, passion and dedication. The company is family-run and this speaks volumes about attachment to its vines. Located in the deep south of Sicily, where cultivating the land is really difficult due to the arid climate and the lack of water, it produces wines and oil of the highest quality as it is precisely on the excellence that the owners aim for. The company covers approximately 200 hectares, around the municipality of Grotte, in small plots which makes it even better to understand the difficulties that the Morgante family faces every day. The wines produced are really goodies that this one will hold, so difficult but strongly suited to viticulture, it gives every year.


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