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Emidio Pepe

Foundation year: end of the 19th century
Vines Surface: 15 ha
Production: 75.000 year
Pinciple wines: Trebbiano d'Abruzzo DOC, Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC
Grapes: 100% property
Address: Via Chiesi, 10 - Torano Nuovo TE 64010
Region: Abruzzo
Owner: Emidio Pepe
Oenologist: Emidio e Sofia Pepe

The winery

The winery was founded at the end of the nineteenth century, when Emidio Pepe, grandfather of the current owner, found in the hills of Torano the ideal terroir for the two main Abruzzo grape varieties: Trebbiano and Montepulciano. In 1944, his son Joseph was already known throughout the area for the quality of its wine in bulk. Twenty years later he was his nephew Emidio, inherit land and knowledge to raise the Trebbiano and Montepulciano to the test bottle. Since that 1964 Pepe winery has become a symbol of territorial expression and longevity, thanks to tireless activities of Emidio and his wife Rosa. Over the years, a family conduction  has been preserved, without forgetting the traditions and know-how of the past. Recently also the daughters Daniela and Sofia, with the help of his niece Chiara, are putting into practice the secrets learned from parents to preserve the wine heritage of the company, following the biological route even before this was certified by an institutional stamp or become a fashion. Today, the company has gradually increased from biological method to that biodynamic: Emidio, thanks to 50 years of harvest behind, has been able to adjust in a perfect plant nutrition, soil cultivation, pruning and vegetation of the vines, limiting all types of intervention in the vineyard and in the cellar. In here it's not used any systemic product, selected yeasts to start the fermentation or addition of enzymes to favor the genesis of perfumes. Both in the vineyard and in the cellar, in fact, they only use natural products such as copper crystals, mine sulfur and biodynamic preparations. This is the philosophy that the family Pepe applied step by step in the process leading to the production of wine. Emidio Pepe is a great family business, which over the years has been able to maintain an absolutely flawless manufacturing quality, in each succeeding year to return terroir, climate and culture through the personality of its wines. The four labels so the Cantina Pepper stands out are: Trebbiano, Montepulciano, Cerasuolo and Pecorino.


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