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460 Casina Bric

460 Casina Bric, Piedmontese dialect for Cascina Bricco, is the highest property in the municipality of Barolo where man and nature, determination and style blend in the beauty of the territory. In a microcosm unique in the world, at 460 meters above sea level, among a succession of hills, behind the mountainous setting of the Western Alps, Nebbiolo best expresses the contamination between the hand of man, his soul and the comparison with the nature.

The winery

Casina Bric wines are born from the vineyards of the municipality of Barolo in the Langhe, they are the dream of Gianluca Viberti, winemaker and enologist: it produces unique wines from Nebbiolo grapes and native Piedmontese vines.

Casina Bric wines embrace the vineyards in the highest part of the municipality of Barolo, between 420 and 500 meters, where 460 is the altimetric average of these magical strips of land. Here you can breathe a unique microclimate, where the earth thanks to its geo-morphological conformation combined with the favorable climate of light and constant ventilation facilitates an original style, full of freshness in the mouth and vivacity in color. 460 Casina Bric focuses and bases its identity on contamination and respect for nature. Living the vineyard and understanding the progress of the vintage day after day are the essence and secret of a logical and sustainable viticulture that starts from the basic principle of respect for oneself and for the generations to follow.

Casina Bric is the dream and mirror of Gianluca Viberti, owner and oenologist, who after more than twenty years spent looking after the family vineyards, in 2010 gained strength and courage in creating an independent project, following the values and ideals of production consolidated in many years of work and effort. Gianluca lives and reflects his personality in his wines and in the way in which they represent a constant confrontation with the vineyard and the environment that hosts it.

Casina Bric wines are nature, history, respect and effort, and when you admire the color, breathe the scent, experience the taste, you will experience the same thrills as when you taste the beauty of the vineyards or the silence of the mountain, because wine also goes listened to and admired even before being tasted.

In order not to forget the history of Piedmont on the one hand and to better characterize the wines on the other, Casina Bric uses the Poirinotta bottle that dates back to the 1700s. This bottle was produced near Poirino a few kilometers from the city of Turin, later abandoned in favor of other containers from nearby France.


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