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Willi Schaefer

Foundation: 1971
Vines Surface: 4 ha
Production: 40.000 year
Principle winesPrädikatswein Kabinett - Spatlese - Auslese
Grapes: 100% property
Address: Hauptstraße 130  D-54470 Graach (Germania)
Region: Mosel
Owner:Willi e Christoph Schaefer

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Willi Schaefer ancestors made wine in Graach in the Mosel, since 1590, a time when Johann Schaefer married Katharina von Meyerbach, whose coat of arms is depicted today on wine labels. Since 1971 the company is managed by Willi Schaefer, supported since 2002 by his son, Christopher; the assets mentioned includes 4 hectares of cultivated vineyard Riesling and positioned in three different and renowned cru: Wehlener Sonnenuhr, Graacher Himmelreich and Domprobst. In the vineyard the exact time of harvest is chosen parcel to parcel, evaluating each plot individually and tasting the grapes regularly in order to collect them at the optimum time: this operation can last 4-5 weeks. In the cellar it works using gravity, an approach that Christopher believes it is essential to keep the fruit nuances and characteristics of the terroir in wines. The pressure "kind" of the grapes is done by a pneumatic press, the product must is then racked into large and old wooden barrels for fermentation; repeated tastings allow to determine the correct wine evolution, ready when you transfer it into steel. The crystallinity characteristic of wines is 'the brand of Schaefer: the Himmelreich offers wines with a flavor profile more' ready, set floral bases and peach, pleasant to drink 'immediately; while the Domprobst allows the production of wines with minerality 'more' deep, rocky, savory, that develop over time. The Sonnenuhr blends well caratteistiche of the first two. In the vineyard there is a meticulous attention to detail and all activities are carried out by hand, the emphasis is on the health and balance of the vine.

Graacher Himmelreich 


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