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Amerighi Stefano

Anno di fondazione: -
Vines Surface: 8 ha
Production: 13000 year
Pinciple wines: Cortona Syrah DOC 
Grapes: 100% property
Philosophy: Organic e Biodynamics Certification
Address: Poggiobello di Farneta - 52044 Cortona (AR)
Region: Toscana
Owner: Amerighi Stefano

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The wine company was born from the desire, gained over the years to be able to produce a great Syrah through the rural tradition of the Amerighi's family, the passion and knowledge of the world of wine and practice of biodynamics. To achieve this goal it has been identified a closed area of Cortona called Poggiobello Farneta; within, you can find two hills well exposed to the south-southwest. Various geological and climatic investigations carried out on the farm have confirmed that this terroir is suitable to be planted clones of Syrah and selections, chosen carefully in the Rhone Valley. The vineyard management follows the dictates of organic viticulture and biodynamic: pruning and tilling soil are marked by lunar and planetary phases; The pest is entrusted only to copper and sulfur distributed in small quantities thanks to the use of macerated and natural herbal teas; The biodynamic preparations allow to revitalize the land and avoid any fertilization and winter cover crops to structure land during cold season. All of this is useful to bring the healthy grapes to a complete maturation and to allow the vinification with the total absence of correctives and chemicals . The grapes, after the stripping, is partly left whole grain and in part slightly crushed with the feet and hand made in small cement vats without the use of pumps. Fermentation occurs spontaneously without yeasts, sulfur and temperature control. It is aged in wood and concrete for 14 months, and the wine is bottled without filtration or stabilization. The meetings with the many collaborators who in recent years have accompanied the Amerighi's family, have meant that the initial desire to produce quality wine would integrate to a larger project, which is to make the company a workshop on agricultural sustainability. To date, the intention is to propose the natural practice as an alternative to conventional agriculture through the cultivation of cereals, vegetables and fruits to the breeding of animals combined with the production of a great wine!


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