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Dominio de Pingus

Vineyards: 5 ha
Principal Wines: Ribera del Duero DO
Grapes: Ownership and purchase
Address: Hospital, s/n. 47350 Quintanilla de Onésimo (Valladolid)
Region: Ribera del Duero
Owner: Peter Sisseck
In the vineyards: Biodynamic Agriculture

The winery

Dominio de Pingus is a small company located 30 km from Roa, in the province of Burgos, founded by the oenologist Peter Sisseck (born in 1962 in Copenhagen), resident in Spain since 1990. The Dominio de Pingus winery was founded in 1995, after that Peter Sisseck finished his apprenticeship in Graves (Bordeaux), helping his uncle Peter Vinding Diers in the making of white wines. The Dominio de Pingus is an artisanal wine cellar with a few barrels, a rudimentary press, some wooden and steel vats. But art and low production can allow for the best yield in terms of the quality of the final product. The secret of these wines lies in the old vineyards of Tinto Fino cultivated in only five hectares, and in the strict selection of the bunches; Biodynamic Viticulture is practiced to ensure greater health and quality of the plants in the vineyard. In the cellar the fermentations are completely natural, therefore carried out with only indigenous yeasts: this practice allows for better pigmentation and greater aromas. The maceration and fermentation process lasts about 20 days and then the wines are placed in barrels for malolactic fermentation, where they are left to rest between 20 and 23 months. The wines are neither filtered nor clarified.


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