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Andrea Felici

Foundation: -

Vines Surface: 6 ha
Production: 35.000 year
Pinciple wines: Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC
Grapes: 100% di proprietà
Philosophy: Organic Certified
Address:  Frazione Sant'Isidoro, 62021 APIRO (MC)
Region:   Marche
Owner: Andrea Felici

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Between Apiro and Cupramontana, in the real heart of the Verdicchio lands, for generations the Felici Family cure the vines with love and perseverance. The wines are trying as much as possible to reflect and tell the wonderful land and the corporate personality.
In the vineyard they  try to work with nature, and every year they try to have the right production, avoiding exaggerated lowering yields and always looking for the best polyphenolic ripening, as well as sugar.
The collection is strictly by hand, in small boxes, and the grapes are vinified in a matter of hours, resorting to one of the most advanced temperature management systems, in total absence of oxygen.
Only two wines are produced: a Cru and Cuvee.
The company's goal is to present high-quality wines with longevity characteristics, uniqueness and personality, leading the consumer sensory attention and reflection, ripagandolo not only with pleasure, but also with emotion.
The territory of Apiro is the ideal cradle for the cultivation of Verdicchio, on a hill at the foot of Mount San Vicino (m1479), at an altitude of 516 m / above sea level, with little more than 1,500 souls. The view is magnificent, with a green valley with very sloping shores, covered with beautiful patches of forest and vineyards, chiseled by the high peaks of the Gran Sasso and Maiella that stand out to the horizon, to the south, and from the summit of Mount Catria , North. The climate is dry, dry, with average annual temperatures that hover around 13 degrees, constant air currents throughout the year and powerful summer and autumn temperature changes.


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