Foundation year: Late 1800's
Vineyards: 32 ha
Annual production: About 240.000 bottles
Principal wine: Barbera d'alba DOC - Barolo DOCG - Barbaresco DOCG - Barbera d'Asti DOCG
Grapes: 100% property
Address: Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 5 -12060, Castiglione Falletto
Region: Piedmont

Carlo Vietti founded the company in the late 1800s and his son Mario began producing the first Vietti wines in 1919, selling most of the production in Italy. His main project was to transform the multi-sector family farm into a wine company. In 1957 Alfredo Currado married his daughter, Luciana Vietti, and from 1960, to the death of his father-in-law, he continued the family business activity directing the production more and more towards high quality and positioning the company among the best of the Langhe, starting since then to export its products to important foreign markets such as the German, Swiss and American markets. The history of the last 40 years has been marked by the choices of Alfredo Currado, an oenologist since 1952, and of his wife, who are committed to strengthening the image not only of the family business but of the territory of Barolo. Alfredo was the first to select and vinify grapes from individual vineyards, a concept that was radical at the time but is now applied by almost all the companies that produce Barolo and Barbaresco. Thus the first Vietti "crus", the Barolo Rocche and the Barbaresco Masseria were born in 1961. Nicknamed the "father of Arneis", in 1967 he was the first to rediscover this almost disappeared variety, making it pure. Today the Arneis is the most famous white wine of the Albese area. Today the range of wines offered by Vietti is synonymous with quality and consistency, the wines are faithful to tradition, always clean and well defined.

The Winery