Az. Agr. Giuseppe Cortese

Foundation year:1971 
Principal Wines:  Barbaresco DOCG - Langhe DOC, Barbera d'Alba DOC
Grapes: 100% property
Address: Strada Rabajà 80 - 12050 Barbaresco (CN)
Region: Piedmont
Owner: Pier Carlo e Tiziana Cortese

The story of Giuseppe Cortese begins when, as an attentive winemaker as he was, in the 60s, when Barbaresco was gradually consolidating its global importance after the difficulties following the Second World War, he decided to go further: the precise cultivation of the vine that the family had been carrying out for generations, could be the springboard for a wine-making on their own; moreover, the family lived on the top of a hill which has always produced top quality grapes: RABAJA!

The first bet was therefore to start producing Barbaresco from grapes from the Rabajà area and was won in 1971, when the winery set up by Giuseppe with the help of his father Giacomo, generated the first RABAJA label.

Today the company has been enriched by the commercial contribution of Tiziana's husband, Gabriele, and, thanks to a consolidated international presence, looks to the future with the determination that has always accompanied family work and the awareness of being one of the most passionate interpreters of one of the most important wine companies in the world!

The Winery