Maso Thaler

Foundatio year: 2004
Vineyards:3,5 ha
Principal WinePinot Nero Alto Adige DOCManzoni Bianco IGTSauvignon DOCChardonnay DOC
Grapes: 100% property
Philosofy: Conventional agriculture
Address: Via Gleno, 59 39040 Montagna (Bolzano)
Regione: Trentino Alto Adige
Owner: Motta Family

The winery Maso Thaler was founded in 2004. It is the realization of a family project that started over twenty years ago with the decision by the Motta family to leave Rome and move to this wonderful place to follow a passion: winemaking. The early remodeling and reorganization of the vineyards and fields led to the pioneering choice of substituting the pergola typical of the Trentino region with trellis vineyards – the Guyot. Today, all 3.5 hectares are Guyot vineyards.

The growing of the vines and the winemaking are completely carried out by the family in an artisanal style. The founder Nino Motta personally takes care of the vineyards, helped by his wife Anna Maria Vianini Tolomei, while their sons Filippo, Francesco and Piergiorgio.

The unending passion for this terroir inspires and sustains the arduous daily work of Nino Motta
This work is made even more demanding by the steep inclines of the hills and by the presence of terraced vineyards that require their cultivation exclusively by hand.

The Maso Thaler wines are made entirely from our own grapes: Pinot Noir Alto Adige DOCManzoni Bianco IGTSauvignon DOCChardonnay DOC and Gewürztraminer DOC. The peculiar orientation of the vineyards on a South by Southwest slope, allows the several varietals to reach perfect ripeness, while their characteristic acidity guarantees freshness, flavorfulness and long life to all our wines.

The Winery