Domaine Roland Lavantureux

Vineyards: 20ha
Principal wine: Chablis AOC, Chablis 1er Cru AOC - Chablis Grand Cru AOC
Grapes: 100% property 
Philosophy: Little interventionist
Address: 4 Rue Saint-Martin, 89800 Lignorelles (Francia)
Region: Burgundy

The vine was part of the agricultural activities of the ancestors and the wine produced was drunk by relatives and friends. Marina and Gervais, the paternal grandparents, started selling the domaine wine in Feuillettes (132 liter barrel, typical of Chablis) in Auxerre and Paris. Roland was the first to bottle wines in 1979. It was then that he gave his name to the estate. Followed by Brigitte, they then expanded the estate from 5 to 20 hectares and developed bottle sales in France and abroad. Arnaud and David, since 2010, continue to write the history of the estate with the enlargement of the winery in 2012 to accommodate the new projects of the Domaine.

The Winery