Château De La Négly

Château de la Négly is located 20 km from Narbonne, in the heart of the Clape massif. It is managed by Jean-Paul Rosset, who with the wine producer Cyril Chamontin and consultant Claude Gros has made great improvements in recent years and has received many critical acclaim for their impressive and complex wines

Château de la Négly is located in Occitania, facing the Mediterranean, in the Clape massif.
Thanks to the privileged geographical position, unique climatic conditions occur: the vines are caressed by the Tramontane and Marini winds and the soil immersed in the sun, captures the heat to heat the beans.
It is here, in this land rich in alluvial particles, that the splendid wines of Château De La Négly are elaborated with patience and savoir-faire in the pure respect of an authentic ancestral tradition.
In the 18th century, the castle was called Ancely. It was in 1781 that the property took the name of Nerly to finally be called La Négly in 1807.

The Winery