WIST SRL is a dynamic company made up of members passionate about the world of wine, lovers of this environment and committed to promoting little-known companies and marketing the great wines of the world wine scene.

We started like many others, trying to taste various wines with trips out of town or holidays in so-called "suitable" areas, the only way to form a palate, but also through courses that gave us indications and a training base.

This has allowed us over time to find the recipe that we believe works, that is, that good wine is representative of the territory in which it is found and that each wine must tell us this story, its story.


The choice of how to call our showcase, our business card was quick enough since we think before opening the business that wine must be the son of his Terroir, a French word that in the wine world does not mean only territory, but The terroir can be defined as a well-defined specific area where natural, physical and chemical conditions, the geographical area and the climate allow the creation of a specific and identifiable product through the unique characteristics of its territoriality. The terms in English, on the other hand, are the offspring of a wide-ranging market where the English language is sovereign.


All bottles are kept in a suitable place suitable for the permanence and refinement of bottled wine.

The average annual temperature is constant around 14 ° and humidity varies from 70% to 80% depending on the season.

Another aspect we care about is the absence of light and vibrations, factors that may not favor a serene and constant evolution.

Too often we see that in famous wine shops and not wine bottles are kept upright, in the light and at temperatures above 25 °: all this is inconceivable for us, wine in these conditions evolves quickly and does not allow the components that compose it to merge and "outsource".

This is why we are keen to underline the aspect of the conservation of our bottles, some customers have already been able to personally verify the storage of the goods while remaining satisfied.