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Hello, it is Davide Calzi and Egon Calzi, we are passionate about wine for more than 10 years and we are friends, too.

Each one of us experience wine as a real passion and we decided to invest on it as we used to spend much of our free time on it.


First contacts with enological world date back to the end of 90’s when we, as a group of friend, were used to buy wine demijohns, spent some time together and share the passion for knowing new products and above all new producers.

We learned through our experience that different wines with their different sensorial aspects represent winemakers character, their land and their history, which it is often handed down from one generation to another or it is generated from a passion which inspired a more recent path.

Like many people we started tasting different wines through excursions or holidays in specific areas, this is the only way to develop taste but we also attended courses that gave us precious indications and an adequate education.

This way we found in the course of time the right recipe: wine should represents his territory and tell us his own history.

We weekly do meetings and wine-tasting with friends and enthusiasts, this help us to deepen our wine knowledge and in identifying differences more than affinities between the various products as we think that it is through these variances that a wine is representative of his own territory.

Special thanks to one of the person we met along this pleasant path: Mr. Sandro Sangiorgi who gave us passion and competence with his courses.


The choice of the name for our showcase, our visiting card has been quite quick as we have always thought that wine should be generated by his terroir, a French word that in enological world doesn’t mean land only but defines a specific and well-delimited area where natural, physical and chemical conditions together with the weather allow the realization of a specific product which can be identified through unique features of his territoriality. English terms come on the contrary from an international market where English language is sovereign.


 All bottles are conserved in an appropriate place where wine in bottles can be stocked and perfect itself.

Annual average temperature is permanently around 16° and humidity fluctuates from 70% to 80% according to the season.

We attach much importance to light and trembling absence as these factors may not facilitate a calm and constant liquid development.

We too often see that in famous or less famous wine shops bottles are located upright, exposed to the light and to temperatures over 25°; this is unimaginable to us, under these conditions wine evolves quickly and its compounds cannot bind together and aggregate.

This is the reason why we want to highlight how we conserve our bottles; some of our customers had already the chance to verify our goods storage personally and they were all satisfied.             


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